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These four young Africans want to change how we ship goods to Africa.

by  Africa Media Australia


Shipmate founders. (Photo source : techpoint.ng)


Four young Africans have come up with a great business idea that is about to change how you ship goods from overseas to Africa.

As more and more Africans in the diaspora travel between their new homes and their countries of origin, this presents an opportunity to transport goods to Africa and deliver them in a fast and secure way.



Four young Africans based in the US have seen this as an opportunity for business. They have created an app called Shypmate, which is “a peer-to-peer delivery service that allows individuals buy products online and get it delivered through home-bound travellers, especially in Nigeria and Ghana. Shypmate’s end goal is affordable and fast international delivery.”




Shipmate was launched on Thursday 21 January 2015 in the US. The founders, Chisom Ebinama, Kwadwo Nyarko, Perry Ogwuche and Tochukwu Okoro are (from Nigeria and Ghana)  have both business and engineering background.

They are all very energetic and excited about their business. “We travelled to the US for college and have been there ever since. We saw the problem of trying to send stuff back home, because it was expensive to ship these items” said Perry Ogwuche, one of the founders.



This African-Australian is changing peoples’ lives with water, but it’s not just any water…



The app and its business application have been tested with over 1000 successful transactions in Nigeria and Ghana, the founders have reported. They are using Paypal as the method of transaction and are exploring other more suitable payment facilities for Africa as they focus on expanding the business to other African countries.

More information about how shypmate works is available on their website










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