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Lagos Unveils Second Mega Infrastructure Marvel: LMRT Red Line Inauguration

by  Africa Media Australia

In a groundbreaking moment for Nigeria, President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria  officially inaugurated the second Lagos Mass Rail Transit (LMRT), widely known as the #RedLine, on Thursday February 29, 2024.


This significant achievement aligns with the Lagos State Government’s THEMES Plus transformation agenda, a commitment to reshaping the city’s infrastructure and ensuring sustainable development.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s visionary approach to the state’s transportation system has led to the completion of the Red Line, a 37-kilometer North-South rail route from Agbado to Marina. The line encompasses 13 stations strategically positioned at Agbado Oja, Iju, Agege, Ikeja, MMIA International, MMIA Domestic, Oshodi, Mushin, Yaba, Ebute Meta, Iddo, Ebute Ero, and Marina.



With the inauguration of the Red Line, the transportation landscape in Lagos is poised for a significant transformation. The project is set to alleviate traffic congestion, enhance predictability of movement, and boost overall productivity and efficiency. Moreover, the new rail line offers a viable alternative to road and water-based transportation within the Lagos metropolis.



Governor Sanwo-Olu expressed his enthusiasm during the launch, stating, “Today marks a monumental day as we commission the LMRT Red Line, a 37 km rail line integrating key bus terminals at Oyingbo, Yaba, Oshodi, Ikeja, and Iju. This is more than just a project; it’s a generational leap for our city.”

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He continued, “The LMRT Red Line isn’t just about improving our city’s mobility; it’s about reshaping our urban landscape and setting a new pace for development. By connecting critical points across Lagos, we’re opening doors to opportunities, growth, and a sustainable future.”


Governor Sanwo-Olu emphasized the collaborative effort behind the project, stating, “This launch is a testament to what we can achieve when we dream BIG and work TOGETHER. The LMRT Red Line is a cornerstone in our journey to make Lagos a global model city for urban excellence.”



As the LMRT Red Line becomes operational, it marks a significant leap forward for Lagos, offering its residents a brighter, more connected future. The inauguration signifies not only improved mobility but also a commitment to positioning Lagos as a global leader in urban excellence and sustainable development.

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