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Our services

by  Africa Media Australia

AMA provides a range of services to individuals, businesses, organisations and individuals seeking to connect with African-Australian communities and the continent of Africa, for various purposes. We have one of the largest networks of African-Australian communities around the country, including African professionals, business owners, social activists and entrepreneurs, community leaders, tradesmen and consultants.  Whatever you are looking for, if it is linked to Africans in Australia or the continent of Africa, we guarantee that we will either help you ourselves or find someone who can, from the wider African-Australian community, all around Australia. Click here to contact us 

The services we currently offering the following services:

  • Advertisement: We can promote your business, event, project through our platforms. Our reach is over 20,000 monthly readers/viewers.
  • Video Production:  We produce video and sound material 
  • Translation and interpreting: We work with many interpreters and translators who can help for many African languages (Dinka, Nuer, Swahili, Arabic etc…)
  • Video & Photography:  We provide these services ourselves or through our contractors (events, weddings, business videos, conferences, birthdays)
  • Web design and development :  We can set up a website for your business or project within days and help with content management and site promotion
  • Web traffic: If you have an existing website, we can help you increasing website traffic and create more interest or leads for your business, project or event.
  • Content Writing services: We can provide copy writing services  including drafting projects and other important documents, including proofing )
  • Research & Focus groups/workshops:  we can help organise focus groups, workshops or meetings for people doing research on Africans in Australia 
  • Business facilitation: We can help connect business operators within Australia and between Australia and Africa.



AMA encourages African-Australians to support African businesses  around the country buy using their services and buying their products. This will help advance our communities and create employment for Africans, especially the our youth.  AMA works with many  African businesses and professionals in different fields.  We promote their services and refer clients to them and in return they pay for these services to help us meet our needs as an organisation.

We are currently offering referrals for the following services:

  • Migration services (all sorts of visas to Australia)
  • Accountancy Services 
  • Business insurance services
  • Travel services 
  • Truck hire, Removalist & truck transport Services

If you need help with any of the above services or if you are a business and you want AMA to send you leads, please contact us by clicking here. You can also email us at info@africamediaaustralia.com.au or Call/SMS: 0437724469. 

AMA partners

AMA is committed to helping members of the African-Australian communities excel and prosper in any line of business. We offer affordable promotional services and we charge affordable fees. Our reach into the communities (around Australia) is approximately 10,000 readers/viewers per month (directly) and through our partners (community groups, community media and leader’s email database and newsletter) we can reach 100,000 for any given promotional campaign.  Become an AMA partner today and work with us to support our work while we support yours. Contact us by clicking here.