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Meet John Ngatia to keynote the upcoming ADELAIDE’s 2024 Afropreneurs Summit

by  Africa Media Australia

John is a visionary, innovator and has been recognised and acknowledged as an expert in the dynamic field of accelerated and transformational change for human development. He is a Director of SOL Results and has business interest in international education and the health sectors. He resides in Adelaide, South Australia.

John’s qualifications include Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming.He has empowered thousands of clients from all walks of life to not only dream big but live life by design. He is the author of “One Plus One Equals Four-The Keys to Success”-a powerful and practical formula to self-transformation.


John is also a Certified Public Accountant (K). He has extensive experience and understanding of business and managing large corporations, having trained and worked as an accountant for over 15 years, in both small and large multinational organisations. His corporate experience includes working in some of the world’s largest organizations such as Australian Submarine Corporation, Diners Club International, Meridien International, former Lonrho PLC and Kenya Finance Corporation.


John also has experience is starting and running businesses since 1995. Since 2002 John, has been consulting and conducting coaching programs, workshops and seminars for organisations, business owners and individuals.
The methodology that John uses for the coaching program incorporates creating a wining psychology by understanding how the mind works, strategies and tools for effective communication, peak performance strategies and emotional mastery. In 2015, in recognition of his work and impact to the community, John became the first recipient of the African Australian of the Year Award.

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