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Worrying Trend shows Decline in Wealth Among Immigrant Professionals Despite High Salaries

by  Africa Media Australia

Recent data from a major European bank has shed light on a concerning trend: a decrease in household wealth among European residents with immigrant backgrounds. Surprisingly, this decline occurs despite these households earning salaries that match or exceed the average income of European workers. This trend is also observable in most western countries including Australia and New Zealand.

The disparity in wealth accumulation among immigrant households can be attributed to a significant factor: remittances. Many individuals from immigrant backgrounds send substantial portions of their earnings back to their home countries to support their families and communities. While this act of generosity fosters social cohesion and provides vital support, it also impacts the financial stability of immigrant households in their country of residence.

A discussion on financial literacy and wealth building at 2023 Afropreneurs Summit in Melbourne


Imagine the transformative impact if robust mechanisms were established to facilitate investment opportunities for diaspora members. Empowering individuals to invest in ventures that drive job creation and economic growth in their countries of origin could unlock a myriad of benefits for both immigrants and their homelands. It is imperative for migrant communities in Western countries to foster meaningful discussions on economic empowerment, enhancing their economic well-being locally while simultaneously contributing to the economic advancement of the African continent. In Australia, initiatives like the Afropreneurs Summit Australia serve as rallying points, bringing together the African diaspora to engage in dialogue and action towards wealth building through entrepreneurship development.




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Encouraging Africans, for example, to invest in their countries of origin presents a multifaceted opportunity. Beyond providing financial support to loved ones, these investments have the potential to catalyze job creation, foster entrepreneurship, and drive sustainable development. Moreover, by generating dividends and returns on investment, individuals can build long-term wealth and contribute to the economic prosperity of their communities.

The challenge lies in creating a conducive environment for diaspora investment. This entails addressing barriers such as bureaucratic hurdles, lack of financial infrastructure, and concerns about political stability. By implementing policies that promote transparency, ease of investment, and investor protection, governments can instill confidence and attract diaspora capital.

Furthermore, initiatives aimed at financial literacy and entrepreneurship education can empower individuals to make informed investment decisions and maximize the impact of their contributions. Collaborative efforts involving governments, financial institutions, and diaspora organizations are essential in fostering a culture of investment and economic empowerment.

As we reflect on the implications of the decline in household wealth among immigrant residents in Europe, let us seize the opportunity to explore innovative solutions. By harnessing the potential of diaspora investment, we can pave the way for inclusive growth, resilience, and prosperity both within immigrant communities and across borders.

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