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Building Bridges: Ambassador Semaya’s Diplomatic Outreach in Australia

by  Africa Media Australia

In an effort to bolster diplomatic relations and foster unity among the South Sudanese diaspora, Monday Semaya, the newly appointed non-resident South Sudanese Ambassador to Australia, has embarked on a series of community meetings nationwide.

His visits to Queensland and South Australia have yielded positive responses, emphasizing the significance of community involvement. Through a succession of productive meetings, Ambassador Semaya engaged with various stakeholders, including the General Assembly, Leadership, sub-community leaders, youth representatives, women leaders, and church figures. Despite a demanding schedule, these sessions were deemed successful, with attendees expressing gratitude for the substantive discussions.

South Sudanese professionals meet with Ambassador Monday Kumba in Melbourne

In South Australia, Ambassador Semaya was warmly welcomed by the Adelaide South Sudanese community. Led by Chairman Odangi Guwey, the South Australian team hosted a successful meeting, praising the diplomat’s efforts in fortifying Australia-South Sudan ties. Discussions with the South Australian community emphasized collaboration, cultural preservation, and support for South Sudanese individuals in Australia.

Reflecting on his experiences in both Queensland and South Australia, Ambassador Semaya expressed appreciation for the warm reception and enthusiasm of South Sudanese communities. He stressed the importance of unity and collaboration in addressing shared challenges and goals.



In Melbourne, Ambassador Kumba convened with esteemed South Sudanese Australian banking and financial professionals, focusing on collaborative strategies to advance South Sudan’s development through knowledge and skill sharing. Participants expressed eagerness to engage stakeholders in meaningful contributions, highlighting a dedication to fostering international cooperation for South Sudan’s betterment.

Ambassador Semaya’s Australian visit facilitated numerous positive interactions and discussions with various South Sudanese diaspora groups. These engagements not only strengthened community bonds but also laid the groundwork for future collaborations and partnerships, both in Australia and in South Sudan.

South Sudanese communities across Australia express gratitude for the opportunity to meet Ambassador Semaya, eagerly anticipating further engagement and optimistic about the positive impact of his diplomatic efforts on collective aspirations within the diaspora.


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