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Discovering Down Under: Newcomers Applaud the Best of Australia

by  Africa Media Australia


Amidst the challenges of soaring property prices and living costs, newcomers to Australia find solace in the nation’s myriad attractions, according to the recent Immigration to Australia survey. The study, which delved into the perspectives of 1012 Australians, unveiled the bright side of life down under, showcasing what newcomers appreciate most about their adopted home.

New migrants celebrating Australia day in Melbourne

Topping the list of positive experiences is Australia’s acclaimed healthcare system, with 57% of respondents across all ages and states applauding its free and high-quality services. The freshness and quality of Australian food come in as a close second, chosen by 50% of those surveyed, highlighting the nation’s culinary appeal. Weather, a quintessential part of the Australian lifestyle, secured the third spot, with 48% expressing admiration for the climate.

Diving into regional nuances, West Australians overwhelmingly praised the weather, with 57% endorsing it as a top attraction for newcomers. Meanwhile, Victorians, while appreciating the climate less fervently at 34%, still recognized its significance. Age played a role in the perception of weather, with a higher proportion of over-55s (52%) appreciating it compared to their younger counterparts (38% of those aged 18-34).




The survey also shed light on the social fabric of Australia, with a higher percentage of over-55s (48%) valuing the friendly people and laidback culture as significant positives. In contrast, the attribute ranked slightly lower for the younger age group, at 43%.

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Interestingly, perceptions of safety and low crime rates varied across age demographics. More respondents aged 18-34 (45%) attributed a sense of safety to Australia’s low crime rate compared to 36% of those aged 35-54 and 31% of over-55s.

Alon Rajic, Founder and Managing Director of Immigration to Australia, commented on the survey findings, stating, “Our survey further reveals what we value about the Land Down Under, with the weather, healthcare, and our quality food seen as major magnets for immigrants. Our findings on Australia’s low crime rate speak to generational perceptions of how safe our shores are and to the impact of social media on how different age demographics see crime rates. Interestingly, our crime rates have slowly declined since 1990, and for young Aussies, our safety is clearly a source of pride.”

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