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Curtin African Students Association (CASA) Empowers Students with Insightful Speed Mentoring Event

by  Africa Media Australia

Curtin University’s African Students Association (CASA) recently hosted a dynamic event aimed at providing invaluable guidance to students navigating the complexities of professional life in Australia. The CASA Speed Mentoring Event, which took place on Apri 18th, 2024,  brought together industry professionals and students for insightful roundtable discussions and panel sessions, offering a unique opportunity for mentorship and networking.

A view of the networking session in progress

During the event, students had the chance to engage in 10-minute speed mentoring sessions with industry experts from various fields, including mining engineering, social work, occupational therapy, nursing, and more. Each table comprised two professionals and up to six students, fostering personalized interaction and the opportunity to ask burning questions relevant to their career aspirations.



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One of the event’s highlights was the opportunity for students to obtain the contact details of these professionals, enabling them to continue the conversation beyond the event. This potential for ongoing mentoring relationships or internship opportunities is invaluable for aspiring professionals seeking to gain insights and experiences in their chosen fields.

In addition to the speed mentoring sessions, participants had the privilege of attending a panel discussion featuring insights from professionals of African background. Topics ranged from navigating workplace dynamics to distinguishing oneself and cultivating a professional profile, with a particular focus on the competitive field of mining consulting.


Nkandu Beltz (centre), mining entrepreneur posing with members of CASA


One of the event’s speakers, representing professionals of African descent, shared firsthand experiences of industry challenges and offered practical advice on thriving in the workplace. Topics such as addressing workplace politics and carving out a niche in mining consulting were explored, providing students with valuable insights into succeeding in their chosen careers.



The CASA Speed Mentoring Event promised to be an enriching experience for students eager to kickstart their professional journey. By participating, attendees gained valuable insights, expanded their networks, and potentially laid the groundwork for future career opportunities.

For students seeking to excel in the professional world, events like the CASA Speed Mentoring Event offer a unique chance to equip themselves with the tools and knowledge needed for success. With mentorship, networking, and invaluable insights, CASA continues to empower students on their path to success.

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