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Community Leader Reflects on Government Funding for Domestic Violence and Advocates for Deeper Solutions

by  Africa Media Australia

Berhan Ahmed, a prominent community leader, has voiced his reflections on the recent announcement by the Prime Minister regarding domestic violence, particularly in response to the government’s offer of $5,000 to support victims. While acknowledging the importance of financial support, Ahmed questions whether such an approach adequately addresses the underlying issues women face in such situations.

Dr Berhan Ahmed, prominent African community leader in Victoria  (photo ABC)


“Financial support is undoubtedly crucial, but we must not overlook the root causes of domestic violence,” Ahmed emphasizes. “We cannot simply rely on temporary solutions.”

In his statement, Ahmed expresses concern over what he sees as a societal shift towards prioritizing monetary incentives over the safety and well-being of individuals. “We cannot consider ourselves civilized while our sisters, wives, daughters, and loved ones continue to face threats to their safety and security in their own homes,” he asserts.



Ahmed advocates for a deeper, more sustainable approach to combating domestic violence, one that addresses its root causes. Drawing on Islamic values, he highlights principles such as respect, kindness, equality, and avoidance of harm as foundational to healthier family dynamics.

“Islamic values provide a strong foundation for healthy family relationships,” Ahmed notes. “But we must also address external factors such as societal pressures, alcohol and substance abuse, and unhealthy competition.”



believes that by promoting these values and addressing root causes, communities can work towards creating safer and more harmonious family environments. He underscores the importance of initiatives that foster open and respectful communication within families and provide emotional support and protection for all members.

“As a Muslim,” Ahmed concludes, “the five daily prayers serve to reset my internal clock, refreshing my sense of humanity.” In advocating for deeper solutions to domestic violence, Ahmed emphasizes the need for concerted efforts to create lasting change and ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals within our communities.

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