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The Australian Government Strengthens Protections for Vulnerable Workers in Landmark Legislation

by  Africa Media Australia


In a significant move towards safeguarding the rights of vulnerable workers, the Albanese Labor Government successfully passed the Migration Amendment (Strengthening Employer Compliance) Bill 2023 yesterday 7 February 2023. The bill received unanimous support in Parliament. This groundbreaking legislation introduces enhanced protections for workers who bravely speak out against exploitation. It also  imposes harsh penalties on unscrupulous employers who engage in exploitative practices.


Effective from July 1, the bill addresses the exploitation of workers based on their visa status by introducing stringent measures. Those found guilty of exploiting workers will now face prison time, while penalties and fines will triple. Furthermore, employers who mistreat workers will be prohibited from hiring any worker on a temporary visa, sending a strong message against unfair labor practices.


“Under our new laws, it doesn’t matter if that company is a multinational giant or a hundred years old – if exploitation is happening, they’ll get a knock at the door. This reform is a win for all workers – and could not have been achieved without the bravery of those who spoke up and told their story.”  stated Andre Giles, federal Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs. 

The reform is not only a victory for vulnerable workers, but also benefits all Australians, including local businesses committed to fair practices. By cracking down on unscrupulous employers who underpay their workers, the legislation levels the playing field for businesses that adhere to ethical standards, preventing the undercutting of wages that distorts fair competition.

Encouraging entrepreneurship within African-Australian communities (watch the video)


The Australian federal. government wants to increase worker safety, regardless of visa status. Many community leaders have welcomed this move, which is a great step forward to ensure that no worker is subjected to unsafe conditions. “I ma very happy with the passing of this legislation. It goes a long way to ensure some of our community members such as asylum seekers and students who have restrictions on their visa will no longer be exploited by unscrupulous employers”, stated Clyde S. Sharady CEO of Africa Media Australia and convenor of Afropreneurs Summit Australia in Melbourne



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