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Troost Ekong champions world’s first eco-friendly footwear at AFCON

by  Africa Media Australia


In a groundbreaking move at the current AFCON (African Cup of Nations), Nigeria’s vice-captain, Troost Ekong, is revolutionising the field by donning Sokito boots crafted from sustainable materials such as bamboo, corn waste, and sugarcane. Ekong proudly stands as the first footballer to showcase eco-friendly boots on the international stage, introducing the world to “Scudetta” – a design inspired by Nigeria’s lush landscapes, elegantly integrating the team’s iconic green color.

Troost Ekong and his Scudetta boots

Scudetta’s innovative features include a suede lining and corn waste tongue, a sole plate derived from castor beans, an insole crafted from sugarcane and bamboo, and a Tencel wood fiber knit collar. Sokito’s commitment extends beyond aesthetics, aiming to pioneer the first predominantly bio-based football footwear.

Fueled by a mission to combat the environmental toll of the 12.5 million boots discarded annually, Sokito is dedicated to creating football footwear using 100% recycled and sustainable materials. Ekong, not just an athlete but an investor in Sokito, expressed his delight in contributing to the development of these eco-friendly boots. He emphasized the vibrant design’s connection to nature, which serves as a meaningful tribute to Nigeria.


Troost-Ekong is one of 16 investors in Sokito, a group that includes former England and Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley, Dutch international Luuk de Jong, and David Wheeler, the Professional Footballers Association’s inaugural sustainability champion. The collaboration signifies a collective effort within the football fraternity to embrace sustainability and champion ecosystem preservation.


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As the AFCON unfolds, Troost Ekong’s choice to sport Sokito’s Scudetta boots not only showcases his commitment to the environment but also sets a new standard for eco-conscious footwear in international football. The football world witnessing such prominent figures investing in sustainability sends a powerful message about the potential for positive change within the sports industry. Sokito’s Scudetta boots are more than just a piece of equipment; they represent a stride towards a greener and more sustainable future for football.

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