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The inaugural Afropreneurs Summit Australia to take place in Melbourne in December 2022

by  Africa Media Australia

The number of African migrants in Australia has been steadily growing over recent years and so has the interest within these communities to engage in entrepreneurial activities in their new country. The growth in business entrepreneurship by Afro-Australians can be seen through the increased number of African-run bricks and mortar businesses (such as shops, restaurants, warehouses), online businesses, as well as home-based businesses.


African social media groups in Australia are increasingly showing African Mumpreneurs, dadpreneurs and various other solopreneurs/hustlers promoting their businesses with a great deal of determination. Like many other members of the wider Australian community, these Afropreneurs are motivated by the desire to be their own bosses, to increase their income or to create wealth and achieve financial independence.

What is being proposed and why?

Despite the significant growth of entrepreneurship activities within African-Australian communities, there is still no major business event or program in the country that focuses on empowering African entrepreneurs (Afropreneurs) on a large scale and regular basis, such as what is happening in America or Europe.

In the US, for example, Afropreneurs have the “Black Enterprise Summit” every year and in the UK they have the “UK black business entrepreneurs Conference ”. These events are known to attract a very large number of entrepreneurs of African background to discuss business, connect with other like-minded professionals, and promote their brands, goods and services. These conferences are also linked to business coaching and mentorship programs that aim to empower Afropreneurs on an ongoing basis.

Based on the above, we are proposing to replicate in Australia what is happening in the US and UK’s African communities and organise a yearly conference coupled with an ongoing business coaching and mentorship program. We believe there is a need for such a program in the community to foster economic empowerment and inspire young and aspiring entrepreneurs in the community to embrace entrepreneurship, create wealth and positively impact their families and communities.

Who is organising the conference?

Africa Media Australia (AMA) Ltd and Afroshine Professionals’ Alliance (AFRPA) are the main organisers of the proposed conference. Africa Media is a media organisation with a focus on Afro-Australian communities and AFPRA is a networking platform for African Australian professionals. They are proposing to call this conference “Afropreneurs Summit Australia (ASA)”. The idea is to bring together highly successful Afropreneurs in the same room with the largest number of Afropreneurs (both commercial and social entrepreneurs alike) from various fields and background, and help them to connect, learn from each other, gain insight from the latest research, be acquainted with some of the best strategies and tools to market their products and services and achieve scalable growth.

To deliver the above, ASA’s organisers will engage with many partners both within the African-Australian community and beyond. They recognise the need to collaborate with any organisations or individuals who are willing to help boost entrepreneurship within Afro- Australian communities.

How will the conference and its related programs be structured?

The conference will include keynotes speakers, panel discussions, business exhibition, awards and networking sessions. ASA’s primary focus will be centred on providing practical and useful knowledge to help African Australians to start, grow and scale a business successfully, both in the Australian context and beyond.

Furthermore, ASA will seek to connect Afropreneurs with relevant Australian government departments, small business groups, professional and business networks, as well as any other successful entrepreneurs in various business fields.

Last, but not least, ASA’s organisers aim to encourage and facilitate discussions on building better frameworks to help boost African-Australian diaspora’s business investment in the  continent of Africa. Representatives of African governments, chambers of commerce, investment bodies and other business groups will be invited to participate at the conference and contribute to resolutions that might encourage more African Australians to invest and do business in their country of origin to help reduce poverty in the continent of Africa. There is no doubt that there are enormous trade and investment opportunities between Australia and Africa and Australian Afropreneurs can play a key role in increasing and strengthening the links between these two continents.

Where will the conference take place and what date?

The inaugural ASA will be held on Saturday December 3rd, 2022 from 9:00- 5:00 PM at Sheraton Hotel in Melbourne. The conference will include keynotes speakers, panel discussions, business exhibition, networking, business awards and the launch of the first online Afropreneurs directory in Australia.

Where to get more information and book tickets for the conference

More information about ASA can be obtained from the official site www.afropreneurssummit.com.au
Media contact: Clyde +61437724469 or Prosper +61458046739

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