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Australian and South Sudanese Governments Forge Closer Diplomatic Relations

by  Africa Media Australia

In a historic move that marks the beginning of a strengthened diplomatic relationship between the governments of Australia and South Sudan,  the non-resident Ambassador-designate of South Sudan, His Excellency Ambassador Monday Semaya, recently visited Australia to submit his credentials to the governor-general of Australia Canberra.


The South Sudanese community in Australia warmly welcomes this development, expressing their delight and hope for improved connections with their homeland. The submission of credentials by Ambassador Semaya symbolises the official commencement of a partnership that holds promise for mutual growth and collaboration between Australia and South Sudan.

Ambassador Semaya’s visit to Australia was marked by productive and constructive discussions with government officials and members of the South Sudanese community. Many members of the South Sudanese community in Australia view this visit as a sign of engagement that showcases a genuine willingness from the two governments to work together towards common objectives, fostering a positive atmosphere for diplomatic collaboration.



The South-Sudanese Australian community also sees this event as a unique opportunity for increased engagement with their country of origin. The fact that the South Sudanese Ambassador engaged with community members during his visit underscores the significance of inclusivity in building stronger diplomatic bonds with Australia and engaging the South Sudanese diaspora in the country. It is hoped  that  the Ambassador will help to encourage the government of South Sudan to recognise and leverage the value of its Australian diaspora community for the development of the country.  South Sudansese Community leaders in Australia also want to see an open communication channel with their home country that help to reinforce  a sense of belonging and optimism for a brighter future.


The first Afropreneurs Summit’s visit in 2024 will be held in Adelaide



With the formalisation of diplomatic relations,  many South Sudanese Australians say they are eager to contribute to the growth and development of their homeland. The prospect of increased collaboration between these two nations is seen by many South-Sudanese Australians as an important thing that ignites a sense of optimism, paving the way for a brighter future for both countries.



As ties continue to strengthen, the Australian and South Sudanese governments, along with their allies, are laying the foundation for a robust partnership that goes beyond diplomatic formalities. The commitment demonstrated by both parties during Ambassador Monday Semaya’s visit sets the stage for a new chapter in bilateral relations, fostering cooperation and understanding between Australia and South Sudan.



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