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Eight Cameroonian Athletes reported missing in the Gold Coast

by  Africa Media Australia


Commonwealth Games officials have held a media brief today in the Gold Coast and have stated that they do not know the whereabouts of 8 embers of the Cameroon team.


An official of the Cameroonian Commonwealth Games delegation, Simon Molombe has told the media that “the players just left in the night and we don’t think they’ll come back”.



Cameroonian delegation parading at the Commonwealth Games 2018

“It’s obviously disappointing that some of the athletes who’ve come didn’t compete as they were scheduled to compete,” stated David Grevemberg, Commonwealth Games Federation Chief Executive.


No one at this stage seems to have any idea of where these athletes have gone. The team arrived in Warwick, 130kms West of Brisbane two weeks before the beginning of the Commonwealth Games. They trained using local facilities and slept in the dormitory of a former boarding school, as arranged with their management team.


The Athletes still have valid visas till May 2018 and David Grevemberg has stated that the athletes remain guests in Australia despite their disappearance”


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Peter Dutton, Home Affairs Minister, has already warn the missing athletes against trying to overstay their visas.  


It is expected that the missing athletes may apply for asylum, as it is often the case in such circumstances. The Sydney 2000 Olympics, Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games and London 2012 Olympics were also hit by similar stories of athletes disappearing from the games and applying for protection and not wanting to return home.




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