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Community Leaders Forum in Brisbane Highlights Unity in Addressing Racial Inequalities

by  Africa Media Australia

The Department of Home Affairs organised a Community Leaders Forum on 22 May  2024 in Brisbane, which brought together influential figures and community leaders to discuss critical issues affecting multicultural communities. The event featured key speeches from Race Discrimination Commissioner Giridharan Sivaraman and the Regional Director of Home Affairs (QLD & NT), Charlie Shandil.

Both speakers emphasised the necessity of unity in combating racial inequalities and discrimination. Commissioner Giridharan Sivaraman highlighted the ongoing challenges faced by minority groups, stressing the importance of collective action to ensure equal opportunities and treatment for all. He noted, “Addressing these issues requires persistent effort and solidarity among community leaders and members alike.”


Community leaders attending the forum (Photo Linked In Addis Cole)


Charlie Shandil echoed these sentiments, underlining the role of representation and advocacy in driving positive change. “Forums like this are vital for giving voice to our communities and ensuring that their concerns are heard at the highest levels,” he stated.

The discussions at the forum resonated with many community leaders who regularly engage with minority groups facing daily challenges. The importance of continuous advocacy for equality, not only for the present but for future generations, was a recurring theme throughout the event.

The forum served as a crucial platform for leaders to exchange ideas and strategies aimed at improving the quality of life for all members of the community. The commitment to unity and representation underscored the shared goal of creating a more inclusive and equitable society.


This event reinforced the need for ongoing dialogue and collaboration among community leaders to address racial inequalities effectively. The insights and commitments shared at the forum are expected to inspire continued efforts towards achieving equality and justice for all multicultural communities in Australia.



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