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African Communities Council of South Australia (ACCSA) Hosts Successful Resilience Forum

by  Africa Media Australia

Forum Addresses Emerging Challenges and Extremist Ideologies in Australia

The African Communities Council of South Australia (ACCSA) marked a significant milestone this week with the successful delivery of the African Communities Resilience Forum. The event, aimed at raising awareness about emerging challenges and extremist ideologies in Australia, garnered strong support from African South Australians and was backed by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.


Members of African communities in SA attending the forum


The forum saw a robust turnout, underscoring the commitment of African South Australians to collaborate under the ACCSA umbrella in safeguarding their individual and collective progress and future interests in South Australia.

Key to the success of the event was the contribution of guest speaker Tom Stewart from the Department of Human Services, SA government. Stewart’s insights provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the issues at hand, making for an insightful and eye-opening session.




John Ngatia is a key note speaker at the upcoming Afroprneurs Summit in Adelaide


Michelle Taylor, Assistant Director of Community Engagement at the Department of Home Affairs, was also acknowledged for her support, alongside the executives and staff of ACCSA, whose ongoing commitment played a pivotal role in organizing the forum.

In expressing gratitude, ACCSA extended heartfelt appreciation to members of the African South Australian communities whose attendance and unwavering support contributed to the event’s success. The hashtag #ACCSAmycommunitymyvoice encapsulates the spirit of unity and empowerment driving ACCSA’s initiatives.


Sandra Moyo is speaker at the upcoming Afropreneurs Summit in Adelaide



The African Communities Resilience Forum stands as a testament to the proactive efforts of ACCSA and its partners in addressing pertinent issues and fostering resilience within the African Australian community. As challenges evolve, forums like these serve as crucial platforms for dialogue, collaboration, and collective action.

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