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SAALI Launches African Law Student Prize: Celebrating Excellence and Leadership in Perth, WA

by  Africa Media Australia


The Society of African Australian Lawyers Inc. (SAALI) recently launched a groundbreaking initiative aimed at recognising and celebrating the achievements of African law students in Western Australia. Introducing the inaugural SAALI African Law Student Prize, an esteemed award designed to honour outstanding students who have demonstrated excellence in academic pursuits, community engagement, and leadership endeavours.

The African Law Student Prize stands as an annual testament to SAALI’s commitment to fostering talent, promoting diversity, and empowering the next generation of legal professionals. Open to all African law students enrolled in accredited law schools across Western Australia, the prize offers a prestigious opportunity for deserving individuals to be acknowledged for their dedication and achievements.


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“We are thrilled to introduce the African Law Student Prize as a platform to showcase the remarkable accomplishments of African law students,” says Kaday Conteh, Chair of SAALI. “This initiative underscores our commitment to supporting and uplifting aspiring legal professionals from diverse backgrounds.”

The prize package includes a certificate of recognition, a cash award of $1,000, and a mentorship opportunity with a senior African lawyer, providing invaluable guidance and support as students navigate their legal careers. The mentorship component aims to facilitate meaningful connections and foster professional development among recipients.


Applications for the African Law Student Prize are now open, with a deadline set for 15th May 2024. A panel of esteemed judges, including SAALI Chair Kaday Conteh and Student Prize Panel Members Ebenezer Assibey-Bonsu and Ayaan Omar, will carefully review submissions and select the deserving recipient.

“We encourage all eligible African law students to seize this opportunity and showcase their accomplishments,” emphasizes SAALI Chair Kaday Conteh. “The African Law Student Prize not only recognizes academic excellence but also celebrates the vital contributions of students to their communities and the legal profession.”

The winner of the African Law Student Prize will be announced at the end of June 2024, marking a momentous occasion for both the recipient and the broader legal community. SAALI looks forward to receiving a diverse range of applications and is committed to celebrating excellence, diversity, and leadership within the African Australian legal community.


For those interested in applying or seeking further information, please reach out to SAALI Chair Kaday Conteh or the SAALI Student Prize Panel Members Ebenezer Assibey-Bonsu and Ayaan Omar. Don’t miss this opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for your exceptional achievements in law studies and beyond.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, whose aim is to improve the visibility of lawyers of African heritage in Western Australia, create professional networking opportunities and develop relationships, develop pathways towards the law for our student members, and promote access to justice and cultural diversity within the WA legal community. As a group, we are acutely aware of the under-representation of our members within the legal community and the Society will be the vehicle through which our members can have a voice. Our objects include: 1. Promoting members of the legal profession who have African heritage or identify as African Australia; 2. Promoting members of the legal profession who have an interest in African Australian affairs and/or enterprise; 3. Providing a network for members to promote, mentor, support and learn from each other; 4. Providing a platform to participate in law reform, advocacy and policy formation; and 5. Developing and promoting connections between the African and Australian legal market.

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