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African-Australian Person of the week: Ibrahim Kebe

by  Africa Media Australia

Ibrahim Kebe is a young Sierra-Leonean Australian who arrived in Australian in 2006 and settled in Perth, WA. He is currently undertaking a double degree course in Politics and international relation and counter-terrorism, at Murdoch University.


Ibrahim Kebe (photo source: facebook)

Knowing first hand the difficulties of settling in a new country, Ibrahim is passionate about helping other people in the community and has been dedicating his time to help welcome new migrants in Australia and guide them through as they establish themselves and get used to their new life in Australia.

Through his work,  Ibrahim has become aware of the growing and worrisome level of violence that is affecting many families within African communities, especially young people. His passion to make a difference in the community and his determination to help the youth  has led him to take action, raise awareness in the community about the need to combat violence and anti-social behaviours.


Ibrahim has worked closely with his local Sierra-Leonian community in WA for many years. He has played a pivotal role in organising his community’s response to help tackle the Ebola crisis that affected Sierra Leone and other West African countries in 2015.

Ibrahim is also passionate about Sports. He is the youth leader of the Organisation of African Community in Western Australia and has been involved with the Perth-based African Nations Football Council Inc, which has been empowering African youth through soccer.


Ibrahim Kebe’s hard work in the community has been recognised on more than one occasion, including by the Prestigious Champions Award and the Celebration of African Australian Awards. Ibrahim Kebede is a community champion whose work in the community  deserves recognition.



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