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Two bold women want to lead Somalia

by  Africa Media Australia

By Godfrey Olukya – 28-11-2016

Two women have come boldly out in Somalia and declared that they are going to stand for presidency in the forthcoming presidential elections. The two courageous women are 44-year-old Fadumo Dayib and 42-year-old Anab Dahir.

”Although they have already got several threats from Muslim radical groups like Al-Shabab, they have insisted that they will stand in the elections for presidency.” said Somali elder Hassan Karim.




Fadumo Dayib, mother of  four who has a Finland refugee status after her parents fled there over 10 yrs ago was born in Kenya to Somali parents. She reportedly holds 3 master’s degrees and recently gained a doctorate.



Fadumo Dayib, Presidential candidate in Somalia (Photo:svenska.yle.fi)

She said,” I want to become president so that I empower the women and children of Somalia by emphasizing education and loans for women to run their own enterprises.”

Anab Dahir, mother of six children, is a Somali based in USA where she fled over 10 yrs ago. She said that men have failed to solve problems of Somalia. Men  should give women a chance to do so.


Anab Dahir, Presidential candidate in Somalia (Photo source: sctimes.com)

Somalia is a patriarchal society which has never had a female leader. This is the first time for women to come out and declare intentions to lead the often trouble country.

Presidential elections are scheduled to take place in December 2016 and over 6 candidates have so far declared that they will stand.

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