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Tanzanian-Australians majestically celebrate their day in Melbourne

by  Africa Media Australia

By Godfrey Olukya – 9 December 2016 

A colorful celebration marking Tanzania day took place on Sunday 3 December 2016 in Prahran, in  Melbourne with Tanzanians and their invited visitors enjoying themselves to the fill.

Several dozens of excited Tanzanian-Australians, including men, women and children, many dressed in African attire danced to good music, ate sumptuous food and drunk all tribes of drinks, taking numerous snaps as they cerebrated their independence day.

The Grattan Gardens community centre hall was full of colour, joyous noise, laughter and plenty of  loud conversations in Swahili, the official language in Tanzania. 



A family photo at the Tanzanian day in Melbourne (Photo: David Marama) 

“The celebration of Tanzania day is an annual event that provides an opportunity for many Tanzanian-Australians to come together and celebrate their country’s independence day, showcase their culture, meet new people and have fun. 




”These people really love their country. Look at the way they are happy, dancing and singing songs praising
their country” said one of the invited visitors.

“That is what we want here, joyful noise and a reunion of Tanzanians”, said a Tanzanian-Australian holding a beer in his hand.


Tanzania day is held to mark the day on which Tanzania got its independence from colonialists. It is now 55 years since Tanzania was declared an independent country from British colonial power.

To Tanzanians, such a celebration is  one of the most appropriate occasions to collectively remember and commemorate their first president Mwalimu Julius Nyerere’s supreme efforts in fighting for the independence of the country. It was not surprising therefore when several people at the celebration appreciated Mwalimu julius Nyerere’s pivotal role in the achievement of their country’s independence.

Many Tanzanians also commented on the current leadership of the country, expressing their satisfaction with the direction in which President Magufuli is taking the country and hoping to see Tanzania continue to grow and become an powerful economic player in the East Africa region and beyond. 




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