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Jameh Saga in Gambia gives food for thought

by  Africa Media Australia

Gambian President Yahayh Jammeh shocked the world by making a 180 degrees turn regarding his decision to relinquish power after losing the recently held presidential elections in Gambai. Only days after conceding to losing the elections to President-elect Adama Barrow he decided that he was no longer going to accept the result of the elections. This decision has gotten many Africans in general and African-Australians making comments of all sorts on social media. 



Mustapha Wai 

Just Pondering on the Jameh Saga: There is something remarkable about the photos of the visiting ECOWAS presidents with President Jameh in Gambia today.

There you see Ghana’s President, Mahama, whose defeat at the ballot came this week, precisely a week after Jameh’s. But unlike Jameh, Mahama has bowed out gracefully.
It is obvious why the two reacted differently. One has a whole lot to be uncertain about because of what he certainly did while in power. The other has nothing uncertain to worry about because of what he certainly did not do while in power.
I hope others who are in power in Africa are paying attention. The wind of change is blowing across Africa. And the evil that men do no longer lives after them; it now lives with them.
Mohamed Konneh

Three things that distroy we human beings are: Anger, Greed and Pride. President Jammeh conceded defeat, only a few days later he took a 180-degree turn. Untrustworthiness is not a character of anybody who claims to believe in God. Sadly and/or unfortunately, Mr Jammeh always has the Qur’an in his hand. What a joke!

Benoni Maurice Samuels

This is typical of some African rulers. They hardly relinquish power. They cling unto it until they are either killed or are forced to flee. Let the voice of the people prevail Jammeh! Your time is up!

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