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Open letter for All african in the Diaspora

by  Africa Media Australia

2200An Open Letter To All Africans In Diaspora!!!                                                                                       

“Never give up! Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine” Jack Ma.

This quote simply reminds us how important it is for us to work harder today, no matter how tough it might be, so that we can be fully prepared and equipped to conquer tomorrow’s difficulties. Only then we can enjoy the sunshine the day after. I have always said this, if you are an African, older than 30, living outside Africa and haven’t started making huge plans on how to return to Africa and help build that continent, then you must know that you are part of the problem in Africa. You were not sent/journeyed/traveled ABROAD to settle there, you were sent to acquire knowledge, so that you can return HOME to help build your community and help your people.

If you like to continue to scream and shout #‎BLM, (Black Lives Matter) all these issues that the colored people are facing won’t stop until Africa is listed amongst the world power and regain her dignity. Without us returning home to build Africa, colored people will continue to be looked down on, the black Americans especially; we are the hope and the future of these black Americans, without building Africa for them and for us, their dignity will continually be challenged.

My question is that why cant the Africans come together to support each others, instead of me working on my own little idea here and you there working on your little idea over there, why can’t we come together and work on a great idea and build each other up to build a CONTINENT. You don’t believe in your people and you want others to believe in you and in them. It is only when two work together that they can have more and better reward. One of my favorite books stated that “One will chase a thousand and Two will chase TEN thousands”




Besides, our forefathers were feeding well and making their livings before the colonial masters came to Africa, they survived, they were inventive, innovative and worked together as one, things worked for them when they worked together. My brother and sister that idea of yours is bigger than yourself, your wife, husband, children and your immediate family members, this simply explains why you have been trying so hard to make it work and yet nothing is working. Allow others to be part of that great dream of yours and assist you to share the burden, then things will begin to work out.

The downfall of Africa as a continent can be traced to individualism, the colonial masters came into Africa as conglomerates, they were all the products of conglomeration, the machines they brought were bigger than what one person or one community can handle, instead for our forefathers to negotiate with the colonial masters as groups/communities/states/nations, they negotiated as individuals, because of pride and selfish interests.

Are you going to sit here and let history repeat itself again and again. The Chinese, The Lebanese are in Africa, they are somehow re-enslaving our people again and again, just because the Africans failed to work together. A friend was telling me about a billboard advertisement erected and written in Chinese (Language) in Zimbabwe (an African Nation), what a shame, as it gotten that far. The worst of this issue is that the Africans continue to blame others for their shortcomings, it’s time for us to own up our problems and admit there is one, that way we can find solutions to them effectively.



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  Kindly stop the blaming game, stop blaming the whites for colonizing and enslaving the Africans. This is like the whites, especially the Australians screaming and shouting about Nigerian scams; My question is: who taught the White the slave trade and who thought the Nigerians the internet scams? When did internet and computers arrived into Nigeria and where did the Nigerians learned how to SCAM? (The Africans taught the whites the slave trade and they became better at it, just as the Whites taught the Nigerians the Scams and they became better at it..) The Arabs did the same thing and the Northern Africans are yet to recover from that to date.

Finally, OUR people are waiting for us to send the rescue boat (the knowledge that we’ve accumulated OVERSEAS), we are their rescue boat . They were so many of you talking and spreading news about Akon’s solar project in Africa. That was and still is a great venture and I applaud him (Akon) for that, but that was Akon, he already got potential, this is someone who doesn’t even know you exist or know your name, he doesn’t need your help to help him spread the news. And yet you failed to talk about your neighbor’s business, what your brothers, sisters and friends etc are working on , these people needs you more than Akon. You even go as far as talking evil about them and what they are doing.  


We need to help the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)’; the SMEs cannot be helped by the government nor by the banks. They can only be helped by their friends and families. We are their hope and we must do our part. You can say, how can I help when I myself need help? It will cost you nothing to share about their businesses on your social media wall, you never know what that will do to their businesses. Some of you are too stingy with likes on social medias, you can’t even like their business page or their business posts, after you have been invited several times and yet you are liking everything #‎Beyonce has been posting, re-posting them (#‎Formation).

Let me tell you why you are not BIGGER than what you are today, because God knows you are stingy and He won’t bless anyone that is stingy, He knows you better than you know yourself and He is sure you will keep all the blessings and not bless others. God is looking for whom to bless all the time, so that they can pass on the blessing and keep spreading the blessing.

PEACE… Mic’s drop.

Adedayo Charis.

This article does not engage AMA. It is a contribution from Adebayo Charis and it expresses his views and opinions alone.

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