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How does life work ?

by  Africa Media Australia

Isn’t it interesting how life works?
Married wanting single privileges and then single wanting marriage. 
We are busy wanting those who are busy wanting someone else
Those we love, loving someone else
We want what we don’t have and treat what we already have less important
A society of too many options
But has no idea what to do with these options
Sex so easily accessible for men and women
So accessible you can pick off a super market shelve
Trust- really what era have you come from
Love described as old school
Commitment seen as hard work
And having multiple partners is now given centre stage
Showing affection is now seen as being weak
Selfishness now the order of the day
Loyalty and respect gone with the wind
Having standards seen as being stuck up
Fat too fat, skinny oh hey too skinny
Nice too nice, mean too mean
Those who want a job can’t find one, those who have it don’t appreciate it
We are group of confused people lol
What a world ! such a big joke
But in the end you come first
Invest in you and better you before anyone else
People will always talk so stay true to you and have a blessed day
Stephanie Jumbo

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