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From now on I won’t be trusting any Muslims or Christians, here is why !

by  Africa Media Australia

A conservative right winger called me a silly liberal hippy for trusting Muslims and not giving in to the medias brainwashing. He says you can’t be sure which ones are safe and which ones are dangerous.

Maybe he was right. I’ll give this a try. From now on I won’t be trusting ANY Muslims. “Islamic” terrorists are blowing things up and killing innocent people everyday, so as far as I’m concerned, all of you are a threat to me.
But also, (presumably) white Australians blew up a car outside a mosque in Perth recently.

So I don’t trust white Australians anymore either. Because Muslims have never set off a bomb within Australia, not to mention the worst ever terrorist attack on Aussie soil was committed by a white Christian, so I don’t trust any Christians or white people anymore. An eye for an eye, bitch.

Also, pretty much all Polynesians are of Christian background, so I don’t trust y’all either. Even though you guys are so friendly. A group of African men held up a tram recently, armed with machetes. And there’s plenty of terrorist groups in Africa, like boko haram. So now I also don’t trust Africans anymore.

Especially since most of you guys tend to either be Muslim or Christian. You Asians are bad as well! I’ve read about that Kim Jong Un psycho path. So no Koreans. The Japanese have the Yakuza, not to mention that crazy kamikaze shit you guys were trying to pull off in WW1.

China are trying to take over the world, you guys have nukes, and I’m pretty sure Genghis Khan came from your area. So I have no faith left in you guys. Most South Americans are Catholic, and many catholic priests are pedos, so you guys are supporters of pedophiles. And the Jews! Don’t even get me started on the Jews!
Now I don’t wanna leave my house ?
How can anyone live with this kind of fear on a daily basis?

Turn off your TV’s, stop reading the paper. Murdoch is poisoning your brains.


Jacob King 

This is an opinion piece authored by Jacob King. The views expressed here are personal views and do not engage AMA

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