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Exciting new tech innovations in Africa

by  Africa Media Australia

Ripe for Innovation


Africa is a continent that is usually  not associated with innovation. The continent has had more than its fair share of social and political problems. As of late though, it seems that Africa is breaking out of its shell and bucking this stereotype. Everyday there are new and interesting innovations that are changing the way people think about the continent.


Africa has become fertile tech ground for many reasons. The first is that there is a lot of open space for new development. Because Africa has been so overlooked by so many tech companies, it is ironically this factor that has made it such a promising new prospect. So we put together a list of some of the most exciting tech innovations from Africa:



Robot Traffic Officer

One thing that has been a big problem for many African provinces, is the traffic. Needs make fertile tech ground. Due to a lack of regulations and staff to enforce them, combined with a lack of well-inspected vehicles in good condition, Africa has experienced many problems with their traffic. According to a UN official, road accidents in Africa are some of the deadliest in the entire world. That is what prompted the innovation of the robot traffic officer. This solves the problem of lack of staff and the need for better traffic control. This robot officer helps regulate traffic and lower accident rates.


Bicycle Dynamo

Thanks to social programs offering training for young Africans, the youth in the continent is more educated than ever. This has given rise to many clever ideas, including the bicycle dynamo. There is not a lot of access to electricity in Africa, so the bike dynamo is useful because it lets residents charge their phone or power other electric devices simply by turning a wheel. This innovation is a great fit for the Africa and a  great demonstration of the many opportunities within it to grow new innovations.


Internet Gambling

Another development that has skyrocketed in Africa is internet gambling. Africa has proven that it is fertile tech ground as several gambling companies have set their sites on different parts of the continent to meet the new demand for internet gambling. Being able to gamble from the convenience and safety of home is appealing to many people in the world, Africans included . It also undercuts many of the costs that would otherwise be associated with in-house gambling.


Cervix Selfies

Another problem that has been quite recurring in Africa the lack of access to proper healthcare by a significant portion of the population in many countries. This is why the cervix selfie is a great example of a technological innovation that is helping women improve healthcare when they are in remote areas. These selfies help to improve cervical cancer screenings. They offer critical assistance to   for women presenting a in high-risk of cancer, but who are living low-income and isolated areas. Designs like this are key to bringing better health to communities that often experience high mortality rates. It is hope such technologies could lead to additional innovations in the future.


By Sharon Kaplan 



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