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AMA to celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day in Melbourne on Saturday July 20th 2013

by  Africa Media Australia


Africa Media Australia is hosting Melbourne’s International Nelson Mandela Day Celebration on SATURDAY 20 JULY 2013.

Come and enjoy the spirit of Mandela Day and let a multicultural selection of artists and humanitarians inspire you to take real action to make a difference in your community, wherever you may be. 

Adults – $20.00
Children – $10.00

Purchase a ticket today at www.africamediaaustralia-es2.eventbrite.com.au  

Mandela Day is an annual celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life and a global call to action for people to recognise their individual power to make an effort in changing the world around them, a call to action for individuals, for people everywhere to take responsibility for change. Mandela spent more than 67 years serving his community. From 2010, 18 July, Nelson Mandela’s birth date was declared by the United Nations General Assembly as Nelson Mandela International Day. This global icon is no longer just a man, but an ideal and a vision representing service to humanity, the ultimate African  role model calling everyone of us to do our small bit to make the world a better place, promoting justice, intercultural harmony, peace and compassionate leadership.  AMA is inviting you to attend the event which will bring several African-Australian artists & performers together to honour Mandela, as well as recognise the works of our local heroes and champions who are making a difference in our communities. The event also coincides with the first anniversary of Africa Media Australia and we invite  all of our supporters to attend and celebrate with us this important milestone and continue to support the work we do to shine a positive light on the African-Australian community.

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