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AMA awards 2015

by  Africa Media Australia

The nominations for Africa Media Australia Awards 2015 are officially closed. This year it’s a double awards program including VACA (Victoria African Community Awards) and the National African-Australian Persons Of The Year (NAPOTY) awards to cover exceptional achievements of Afro-Australians from all states and territories, who are making a significant contribution to the wider Australian society. 

The Current list of Victorian nominees includes:

1. Temi Ajayi (Business success)

2. Zione Walker (Charity)

3. Doris Imalenowa (Professional success)

4. Fred Alale (Comunity Leadership)

5. Dr Abdul-Rauf (Professional Success)

6. Bright Chinganya (Charity contribution)

7. Derrick Chabala (Community Leadership)

8. Nkandu Beltz (Community Leadeship)

9. Ben Radihepi (Professional Success)

10. Nthati Rametse (Profesional Success)

11. Romain Mirindi (Charity contribution)

12. Lamine Sonko (Artistic Talent)

14. Daniel Haile Michael (Youth Leadership)

15. Ahmed Dini (Youth Leadership)

16. Monica Fawcett-Ghana (Youth Leadership)

17. Ruay Maker (Youth Leadership)

18. Mike Ebinum (Business)

19. Rashidi Sumaili (community leadership)

20. Abeselom (community leadership)

21. Abdul Rauf (professional excellence)

22. Ahmed Dini (Youth Leadership)

23. Bunmi Ajayi (Business success)

24. Chaplain Soma (special community contribution)

26. Dauda Mansaray (Youth leadership)

27.  Doris Imalenowa (special community contribution)

28. Eugene Bacon (academic Achievement)

29. Fabrice  Manikariza (community leadership)

30. Jeremiah Temple  (community leadership)

32. Joadine  Nambajimana (women in leadership)

33. Monica Forson (youth leadership)

34. Rashidi Sumaili (community leadership)

35. Rhoda Mphande  (Artistic talents/Fashion)

36. Madaale Productions (community media)

37. Cecilia Mphance (women in leadership)

38. Peter Bondole (community leadership)

39. Ndaka Kanegoni (business)

40. Bernadette Geblock (business)

41. Abdel  Fickak (profesional excellence)

42. Al Hadji Sankoh (community leadership)

43. Bec Carey (Friend of Africans)

44. David Chiengkou (media/journalism)

45. Sonia Lee (Woman in Leadership)

46. John Hwang  (Youth leadership)

46. Incubate Foundation (Organisations supporting Africans )

48. Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (Charitable work)

49. Ecumenical Migration Centre (Organisations supporting Africans)

50. Lensa Dinka ( Journalism and Media)

51. Fred Alale (Community Leadership)

52. Manyang Berberi (Youth Leadership)

53. Mike Oyemike Ebinum (Business)

54. Moses Vafee (Community Leadership)

55. Santilla Chingaipe (journalism/media)

56. New Generation in Chirst  (Artistic talents)

57. Rebeca Mphande (women in leadership)

58. Salah Hangala (Business)

59. Sandra Schelender (Friends of Africans)

60. Sarah Bourke (Sport/Friends of Africans)

61. Pasi Jo (Artistic and individual talents)

62. Israel Kanu ( Youth Leadership)

63. Morlai Sankoh (Charitable work)

64. Anna Hutchens (Organisations supporting Africans)

65. Mohamed Alkoryan (Friends of Africans)

66. Nadia Elbana (artistic talents, community media)

67. Carers of Africa  (organisations supporting Africans)

68. King Bell (Artistic Talents)

69. Romain Mirindi (Charitable work)
For more information, visit africamediaaustralia.com and write to info@africamediaaustralia.com.au or call 0437724469.

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