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It is possible: Mariam’s Inspiring Journey to Join Victoria Police

by  Africa Media Australia

 Breaking barriers as a mother and professional from a diverse background, Mariam shares her experience in the Victoria Police Diversity Recruitment Program

In a bold move to diversify its ranks, the Victoria Police Diversity Recruitment Program has welcomed Mariam, a dedicated mother and former healthcare professional, as one of its newest recruits. Mariam is currently  being trained to become a police officer in Victoria. She  brings a unique perspective to the force, challenging stereotypes and inspiring others from under-represented communities to consider a career in law enforcement.


Constable Mariam Hamza in Melbourne Victoria


Before embarking on this transformative journey, Mariam admits she had some doubts about fitting into the police force, especially given her role as a mother and her diverse background. In her own words, “I didn’t see many people like me.”, she stated. However, the Victoria Police Diversity Recruitment Program had provided her with an opportunity to break through the barriers and discover her place within the force.

Coming from a career in the healthcare industry, Mariam says her communication skills gained from her previous profession helped her a lot, skills she believes are invaluable in her new role as a police officer. Her transition from healthcare to law enforcement exemplifies the program’s commitment to welcoming individuals from diverse professional backgrounds.

Mariam first learned about the Diversity Recruitment Program through her husband, who shared insights into the role of police officers and the organisation’s mission. The program not only demystified the complexities of law enforcement but also allowed her to engage with her community before entering the Police Academy. This pre-academy involvement proved instrumental in shaping her understanding of the role and solidifying her commitment to contribute positively to both the organization and her community.


Let’s talk entreprneurship within African-Australian communities (Video by AMA’s Clyde Sharady)


When asked about her motivation to join the force, Mariam expressed a desire to make a meaningful impact on the organisation and her community. She sees her journey as an opportunity to inspire individuals like herself, stating, “I want to inspire people like me to join – because if others can do it, we can do it too.” Miriam hopes to inspire others to be bold and take steps to break barriers, challenge stereotypes and contribute to a safer community  in Victoria and beyond.

The Victoria Police Diversity Recruitment Program is an initiative aimed at enhancing the representation of individuals from under-represented cultural communities in the police recruitment process. By providing resources, support, and community engagement opportunities, the program seeks to break down barriers and encourage a diverse range of candidates to consider a fulfilling career in law enforcement. More information about  Victoria Police Diversity Recruitment Program is available on Victoria Police website.


Alex Nyembo | AMA contributor

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