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Addressing mental health issues in CALD communities

by  Africa Media Australia

Mental illness is a serious concern in many families and communities around the country.

The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System has been seeking to hear from various communities to ensure  it captures different views from diverse Victorian communities regarding what needs to be done to best address mental health issues in the state



They have recognised that meaningful and lasting changes to Victoria’s mental health system and any meaningful improvements to mental health outcomes can only happen by listening to communities’ experiences, concerns and recommendations.

Participants of the  workshop on mental illness (photo: facebook)

Many members of  the South Sudanese community recently came together at a workshop to brainstorm and draft a submission for the Royal commission. Various contributors with different experiences, skills and backgrounds participated in the workshop,  in an effort to ensure that the  voices of mums, dads, young people, youth leaders, community leaders and other experts in the community are appropriately heard.

The participants hope that their submission will ensure that the Royal commission has a clear understanding about how mental health issues affect multicultural communities in general and South Sudanese groups in particular .

The submissions to the Royal Commission closed on 5 July 2019.

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