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Who is the African-Australian Person Of The Year?

by  Africa Media Australia

Who will be the  African Australian Person Of The Year 2014? The answer to this question will be known on Saturday 7 February 2015 at the Hilton Hotel in Melbourne during a spectacular awards night being put together by AMA. 

After the successful delivery of the Victorian African Community Awards (VACA) night  2014 on 25 October 2014, AMA is now engaging the national African-Australian community to find out the answer to this question. The African-Australian Person Of The Year (AAPOTY) 2014  program was announced a couple of weeks ago through AMA’s Facebook page and it is officially on. Members of the African Australian community throughout  all  Australian states and territories are  now invited to nominate people whose work and achievements deserve the highest level of recognition.

AMA’s formula for this award is unlike  what is commonly used by other media organisations, which does not involve consulting the audiences. At AMA, true to our mission to be the voice and mirror of the Afro-Australian communities around Australia, we are involving our communities in the awards process. Therefore, the AAPOTY program will involve a voting process enabling Afro-Australians anywhere in Australia to have a say on  this special and prestigious awards program which will include a national awardee (The Afro-Australian person of the year), state level awardees (e.g.: the Tasmanian-African person of the year or the NSW African person of the year) and country level awards (e.g: the Zimbabwean-African Person of The Year or the Kenyan-Australian person of the year). The nomination are open till 31 December 2014 and can be entered on www.africamediaaustralia.com  by clicking the “PERSON OF THE YEAR” button and filling the nomination form. The  accompanying video in this posting provides more information on the program.

During the AAPOTY awards night, AMA will also be launching AMA MAGAZINE,  as a new tool to further showcase the beautiful stories within African communities in Australia, as well as document the stronger economic links between Australia and the African continent. Stay tuned for more.


For any enquiries email info@africamediaaustralia.com.au  or call 0437724469 

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