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The positive story about African-Australians in Footscray (Melbourne)

by  Africa Media Australia

There have been a lot of negative stories in the media in relation to the youth in Footscray, especially the young African-Australians. AMA recently visited Footscray and met with several young people in the area. This video shows you “the other” side of Footscray, the positive side. AFrican-Australians ares slowly  “taking over” the Footscray area where they have set up shops, do business, do their shopping, cut their hair and socialise. There are more positive things about africans in Footscray than what mainstream media would want us to believe. The negative incidents that happen from time to time involving youth misbehaviours should not overshadow the wonderful things that Afro-Australians are doing in the area, contributing in a significant manner to the local economy. Watch the Video in full, you will be surprise to hear even a more positive discourse  from the youth that believe in themselves and want to succeed, in business as well as through other means.   

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