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Telmo Languiller opens the Victorian parliament door to the Congolese community

by  Africa Media Australia

A group of Congolese community leaders were recently received by the Speaker of the Victorian Parliament, Honourable Telmo Languiller in Melbourne.





The special tour of parliament was organised by the leader of the DRC Community Association of Victoria (DRCCAV), Mr Nick Tshibala Nkelenda in collaboration with the Mr Telmo’s office.  Over a dozen Congolese leaders participated in this special visit, which is “the first of its kind in the history of the Congolese community” said Mr Nkelenda. 

The group was first given a guided tour of the Victorian parliament and provided with some historical context along with some useful information regarding the great political edifice from which all major political decisions are taken for the development of the State of Victoria.




After the visit,  the delegation was received by Mr Telmo in his office located within the premises for approximately 20 minutes.

Honourable Telmo Languiller  is the first Spanish speaking member of parliament to occupy this position as Speaker of the lower chamber of the Victorian parliament.

  “I am delighted and get the opportunity to receive your the Congolese community in my office …Its a great  opportunity to bring communities, especially new and emerging groups close to their representatives and I am very happy about this”,  he declared.


All members of the Congolese delegation were very happy with the visit and thanked the Speaker for taking the time to meet with them. Many of them expressed their satisfaction for  the visit and saw it as great motivation and opportunity for them to strive for their goals and dreams and walk on Mr Telmo’s shoes and perhaps one day be able to occupy a seat inside the magnificent building, as representatives of Victorians from all backgrounds and not just those from the Congo.  










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