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Skilled Migrant Professionals Magazine Launches Inaugural Print Issue in Brisbane

by  Africa Media Australia

The Skilled Migrant Professionals Magazine debuted its first print issue in Brisbane, marking a significant milestone for the publication. Led by a team of dedicated African professionals collaborating with migrants from diverse communities, the magazine aims to amplify positive and empowering stories from individuals of all backgrounds.


Group phot at the launch of the SMP print issue in Brisbane, Queensland (Photo Linked in)


At its core, the magazine embraces a philosophy of inclusivity, celebrating the stories, challenges, and opportunities of migrant professionals without regard to race, gender, or cultural heritage. Through its inaugural print issue, the team endeavors to engage migrant audiences with narratives that resonate and stimulate meaningful conversations.

The power of storytelling in bridging societal divides is well recognized, and the SMP Magazine aspires to serve as a catalyst for socio-economic advancement within migrant communities in Australia. By fostering connections and inspiring action, the magazine seeks to contribute to the collective empowerment of migrants on a national scale.


Attendees at the SMP print issue launch (Photo: Linked in Christine Madahanvu)


ommy Adebayo, Orode Eke-Okoro, Sandra Taylor, and Emagness Rudvidzo are among the dedicated individuals spearheading the SMP Magazine project, exemplifying a commitment to diversity and progress. For those eager to explore the magazine’s inaugural issue and engage with its content, the SMP team invites readers to reach out and secure their copy.


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The team behind the Skilled Migrant Professionals Magazine is eager to garner support from all migrant communities for the long-term success of this publication. Recognising the importance of representation and community engagement, they seek to create a platform that resonates deeply with individuals not just professionals of African descent, but all communities, providing them with a space to share their stories, experiences, and aspirations. By fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment within these communities, the magazine aims to galvanise collective action and solidarity, ultimately contributing to the advancement and enrichment of Australia’s diverse cultural landscape.

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