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Reliance on donor may be affecting peace efforts in Africa

by  Africa Media Australia

The Chairman of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, Mull Katende recently stated during an ordinary Pan African Parliament, that heavy reliance on donor funding is affecting peace efforts on the continent. Mr Katende says that donor funds makes it difficult for some countries to adequately budget for their security.

Presenting a paper on the status of peace and security in Africa to PanAfrican Parliament (PAP) MPs meeting in Midland, South Africa , Katende said,”African  parliamentarians should make use of the available tools for structural conflict prevention by ensuring that African governments are more transparent, accountable and responsive to the legitimate demands of the people”

He stated that the African people need to always yearn for peace, security and prosperity. Reacting to the report, legislators urged the Peace and Security Council of the AU to address the root causes of conflict in Africa and the supply of arms. They said economic, social and political inclusiveness was key to peace.

Professor Morris Ogenga Latigo Uganda’s representative in this Parliament also noted that the challenge that Africa faces is providing leadership for posterity rather than for self, corruption and self-interest. 

Felix Okot Ogong a representative from east Africa was dismayed to note that PAP was talking about security and peace and yet the continent had no stand-by force to manage its own security challenges. 

Godrey Olukya

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