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Public voting starts for the 2018 AFROSHINE AUSTRALIA AWARDS

by  Africa Media Australia
This year we have introduced public voting for AFROSHINE AUSTRALIA AWARDS.
The voting will count for 40% and the judging panel’s assessment will count for 60%  of the total 100 points in the overall assessment of the awards.
The judging panel’s assessment will be done based on the following criteria : 1- Significance  2-Impact in the community  3- Innovation 4- Consistency. 
Nominees are now called to t0 inform their fans and supporters to vote for them or send testimonials about then and the work for which they have been nominated. The expression of support  can be done in one of the following three ways:
1. Facebook: people need to “Like” AMA facebook page and then send an Inbox message with the name of person or  the  organisation (where relevant).
2. Email: send an email to info@africamediaaustralia.com.au with the nominee’s name and anything else they may want to say in supporting the nominee 
3. SMS: send a text message to 0437724469 with the name of the nominee .
Voting is open from today 2PM to Monday 5 November at 10PM. 
Any previous nomination we have received on your behalf will count towards your vote. We only take one vote per person.
Feel free to contact us on 0437724469 if you have any queries. 

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