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Nyadol Nyuon to speak at Canberra’s press club

by  Africa Media Australia

Nyadol Nyuon, African-Australian lawyer and community advocate  will be speaking at The pretigious National Press Club in Canberra in June 2021.

Nyadol Nyon, lawyer and human rights advocate

The National Press Club (NPC) is Australia’s most recognised forum where high-caliber politicians, business and community leaders speak to the press and to the nation when they want to make major statements and initiate or advocator significant change in the society.


Nyadol will be the first African-Australian and South Sundanese person to speak at NPC.

It is expected that during her address, Nyadol will reflect on a sense of belonging, identity and social cohesion in Australian society. As usual, the NPC event will be live on ABC’s iview and available for all Australians to watch.


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