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NSW Government Boosts Multicultural and First Nations Media Access in Landmark Policy Changes

by  Africa Media Australia

 A Comprehensive Review Paves the Way for Greater Inclusion and Diversity in Government Communications

In a significant move towards fostering greater inclusivity and accessibility, the New South Wales (NSW) Government has unveiled plans to enhance access to up-to-date government information, particularly through multicultural and First Nations media outlets. With over 190 languages spoken at home in NSW, the initiative aims to cater to the diverse linguistic and cultural landscape of the state, including Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.

The state boasts nearly 90 independent multicultural and Aboriginal publications, along with 210 radio programs broadcast in over 56 languages. These platforms have become trusted sources of information for communities with varying linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Recognizing the importance of these outlets, the NSW Government has committed to a comprehensive review of its advertising practices within the multicultural sector.


The 2023 Multicultural Media and Policy Review Report, released today, outlines 10 crucial recommendations that have been fully endorsed by the government. Among the key recommendations is an increase in the required expenditure targeting multicultural and First Nations communities in government information campaigns from 7.5 percent to 9 percent. This financial commitment underscores the government’s dedication to ensuring that information is disseminated effectively across diverse communities.

Minister for Customer service and Digital Government, Jihad Did declared: “This report marks an important step forward in our drive for a more inclusive approach to government communications. The increased focus on distributing information through independent multicultural and First Nations media will help ensure government agencies are sharing important messages with the diverse communities of NSW.”


To enhance understanding of media consumption behaviors within multicultural and First Nations communities, the government will also implement more robust data collection and reporting practices. This move reflects a commitment to staying attuned to the evolving needs and preferences of the state’s diverse population.

Responding to the publication of the report, NSW Minister for Multiculturalism Stephen Kamper stated:  “NSW has one of the most culturally, linguistically, and religiously diverse populations in the country with one in four people speaking a language other than English at home, so it is crucial NSW Government information resonates with every community.”



Moreover, the government will broaden the reach and representation of its advertising campaigns by increasing the total number of languages targeted. This proactive approach recognizes the importance of effective communication across various linguistic groups to ensure that crucial information is accessible to all.

In line with the recommendations, the NSW Government will now engage in annual reporting on multicultural and Aboriginal advertising spend. This transparent approach aims to foster accountability and track the impact of the increased investment in reaching diverse communities.

The comprehensive review was conducted by the Department of Customer Service and Multicultural NSW, in collaboration with consultations involving multicultural media outlets and government agencies. This landmark initiative signifies a progressive step towards creating a more inclusive and informed society, where government information is accessible to every community, regardless of linguistic or cultural background. The NSW Government’s commitment to implementing these recommendations reflects a dedication to fostering diversity, understanding, and accessibility in the dissemination of essential information.

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