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Meet Easter Family, a group of passionate young African Gospel performers

by  Africa Media Australia

Easter is around the corner and a group of young people in Melbourne West is determined to celebrate this important Christian festival with a bang.

Easter Family is the name of the group, which is made up of mostly young African Christians who are passionate about their faith and are putting together an event called Easter Celebration to shout out their joy in remembering the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The event is scheduled to take place on 21 April 2017 at Destiny Centre in Hoppers Crossing from 6PM to 11PM. 


Easter Family presenting the 2017 Easter celebration event 

Jean-Pierre Selemani is leader of group since 2016 when the first Easter Celebration took place. “Easter Celebration is more than a concert and will combine Christian music, dance and other performances, including a short exhortation. We are all from one body, the Lord Jesus Christ and this event allows us to mingle and know each other and show the love for our Lord and for each other.  All believers and their friends and family are invited to attend”.


Easter Family performing at 2016 Easter Celebration in Melbourne

When asked about the purpose of the event, Jean-Pierre says that “ It is about bringing Christians and from all denominations and cultural backgrounds and their friends  celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and reaffirm our faith in the Lord in a world that is increasingly in turmoil and full of confusion”.

The Easter Family team is full of dynamic and talented young people who have come from different church groups to put something together in the name of their faith. The group has been working from the beginning of the year to prepare for the upcoming event.

“We have been working day and night to prepare for this event, rehearsing and praying for hours to ensure that we can produce something that matches with the significance of Easter. We see Easter as the most important Christian festival” declared Mireille Byamasu, a singer and one of the leaders in the group.

Ms Byamasu speaks with passion when talking to AMA about the event. She is surrounded by over a dozen group members rehearsing in the lounge room of a suburban home in Melbourne West.  The number of group members has increased since delivering the first event in 2016. All members of the group are practicing Christians and they are just as much focused on the spiritual significance of Easter as they are on the need to deliver a great event celebrating their faith. 

“We are asking people to pray for us and we want a spirit filled event and we want people to be touched by Jesus on the night. We are calling on other Christian groups to come and work with us. Our event is not about one church, but we want as many church groups and Christian performers as possible to join us” stated Panina Lisase, another group Leader.

The event is ticketed for people aged 17 years and older and children of lower age can enter for free.  

Jean-Pierre says, ” We don’t talk about selling tickets really, because our intention is not to make money or anything like that, but we are asking people to make a donation of $15 or more to help us meet the cost for the event.  Supporting us to deliver this event is another way to evangelise and that is a mission for every Christian”.

More information about the event, including tickets availability is available through the group’s facebook page:







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