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Faith comes to the city

by  Africa Media Australia

FAITH IN THE CITY is a new program on AMA that focuses on highlighting the work, views and opinions of  Ministers of God, faith leaders, preachers and teachers, especially those from a migrant background. Many migrants like African-Australians and others are very keen to practice their faith and this is something that needs to be encouraged and  AMA is providing a platform for people to talk about their faith and spirituality in the context of Australia.

AMA is kick-starting the show with Peter Bondole, senior pastor of what used to be called Faith and Victory Church, but it has now been renamed as New Covenant Miracle Centre (Preston, Melbourne).


” What I can say to those who are watching is that Australia is not Heaven or Paradise, hence we need to maintain our faith and our Christian standard (as Christians), because the Bible says that we are the light of this world, every where we go, no matter what happens to our lives we need to maintain who we are and we do not compromise because of what we see and what happens to us”, stated Reverend Bondole. ” Nowadays preachers are trying to imitate American TV preachers. We see even in Africa, people are trying to copy Americans. Everyone wants to be like this big preacher and preach like them.  But we need to understand that the Gospel is preached in different cultures in different ways. What is happening in America is not what is happening in Australia or in Africa”

“Every Pastor, teacher or spiritual leader must understand that we have the responsibility to present or offer a message that is relevant to for the people of God. People want something that is relevant to them.  So it is not about us (as leaders) but about them (the followers)”. 

Faith In The City will be streamed online on a fortnightly basis on www.africamediaaustralia.com/faithcorner


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