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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews meets with African communities in Melbourne

by  Africa Media Australia

The Victorian Government hosted an African community forum at Parliament House on Wednesday, 23 August in Melbourne.  Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott both attended the form and gave members of the African community an opportunity to have their say on issues that matter to them, such as education, jobs, engagement and empowerment.


Premier Daniel Andrews and Multicultural Minister Robin Scott meeting with Africans

Approximately 30 community representatives, leaders and  activists attend the meeting and many have reported being quite satisfied with the opportunity given to them.

“This government has been quite open and willing to engage with African communities for quite sometime. When it comes to engagement I give it 5/5. Let us see if the outcomes will follow”, stated a community representative following the meeting. 

Another leader contacted by AMA stated that “the government should do more than just engaging. In areas of employment, the community is yet to see any palpable outcomes and the government can start taking action by giving Africans access to temporary supported work experience positions within many government departments such as what the NAB is doing, as means to give them local experience and referees, which helps a lot to obtain employment”

Government sources indicate that several more meetings will be organised in addition to the existing African Ministerial working group that was established in  2016 to help address employment issues in the community.



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