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Community Survey to help understand the Audience of African-Australian media around the country

by  Africa Media Australia

The University of South Australia is organising a survey  to help African-Australian media producers gain with a better understanding of their audiences, which will in turn help improve the overall quality and effectiveness of their media.

The survey documents can be accessed though link: https://goo.gl/forms/KwdKeXeiSZDXhtk92




Currently, there is little known about ethnic and migrant media audiences. The feedback that media workers and producers get is usually in the form of comments, call-ins or chatting with people on the street. This means many ethnic media producers and workers lack detailed information about their audience.

Having a better understanding of their readers, listeners and viewers is beneficial for African-Australian media producers for two reasons. Firstly, it provides media workers and producers with important information that they can use to further develop their media products, ensuring they provide an important and satisfactory service to their audience. Second, data on how and why people use African-Australian media can be used in the important task of ensuring that the importance of this media is recognised amongst the wider public, and within funding bodies.

This short survey aims to provide African-Australian media producers with information about their audiences. The survey is part of research being undertaken at the University of Adelaide. It is completely confidential, and should take around ten minutes. The survey will measure things such as the reasons people consume African-Australian media, what impact these media have on their lives, and what they feel African-Australian media could do differently. It is hoped that the information gained will help African-Australian media producers and workers continue and improve their important work!

African Australian media in this survey refers to media produced by African-Australians in Australia, including radio and television programs, magazines, newspapers, websites and any other type of media.


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