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Meet the current world’s top mathematician Abdon Antagana from Cameroon

by  Africa Media Australia

In a groundbreaking achievement, 37-year-old Cameroonian mathematician Abdon Atangana has been recognised as the world’s leading mathematician, according to Stanford University’s prestigious ranking of top scientists. Atangana is also ranked #260 across all fields of science, technology, and engineering, highlighting his extraordinary contributions to mathematics and its applications.

The Stanford University ranking, which includes nearly 200,000 top researchers worldwide, places Atangana among the elite 2% of scientists globally. His rise to the top of such a prestigious list marks a significant milestone for African representation in the field of mathematical research.


Abdon Antagana, currently  the world’s leading mathematician (Photo twitter)


Atangana’s journey into research was driven by a desire to address the underrepresentation of Africans in mathematical research. This motivation has propelled him to pioneer various mathematical concepts that are now essential tools for modeling real-world problems in engineering, science, and technology.

Inspired by the lack of African names in mathematical literature, Atangana pursued his passion with determination. He completed his Ph.D. with distinction in applied mathematics from the Institute for Groundwater Studies at the University of the Free State in South Africa. His academic journey and subsequent research have led to significant advancements in applied mathematics.


Atangana is renowned for his work on fractional calculus with nonlocal and nonsingular kernels, a paradigm-shifting concept introduced in 2016. This innovative approach has become integral to applied mathematics and is widely used across various STEM fields. His contributions extend to mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, and integral transformations, impacting all domains of applied sciences. One of his recent contributions includes the development of piecewise differentiation and integration.

Since 2013, Atangana has published extensively, with scholarly articles in 165 international accredited journals. His research spans diverse fields, including applied mathematics, applied physics, geohydrology, and biomathematics.




Atangana’s story is a testament to the immense talent and innovation within the African community. It underscores the importance of nurturing and supporting black talent across all industries, not just for the sake of diversity, but for the transformative impact their ideas and contributions can have globally. His achievements serve as an inspiration and a call to action to ensure that future generations of African scientists receive the recognition and opportunities they deserve.

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