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AMA’s youth forum in Melbourne (Part 1)

by  Africa Media Australia

The Second AMA’s community forum took place on 23 March 2013 at Phoenix Youth centre,  72 Buckely st, Footscray, Melbourne. The Theme was “African Youth: Leadership, Ownership and Breaking the barriers”.  Close to 40 participants discussed issues related to youth matters and exchanged ideas on some of the avenues for suitable solutions to help young  African-Australians maximise their potential. Amongst the main issues that were identified:

1. Discrimination/institutional barriers/social disadvantage

2. Education, training and employment

3. Youth responsibility/ motivation/self-development & leadership

4. Negative media representations and public perceptions

This first of 3 videos that will be published in this series shows attendants discussing the issues. The second video (to be publised soon) will highlight the avenues for solving the above issues and the last video will show the recommendations.

AMA organises community forums as a means to enable the African -Australian community to canvas the issues they face (and do so in their own terms) as part of their settlement and integration in the Australian society. It is also an opportunity for  community members to share their thoughts with other membes of the broader African Australian, as well as those from  wider Australian community. 

The next community forum is scheduled on 4 May 2013 and will discuss political participation  & democratic engagement as a means to help address community issues.  You can book your seat by sending an email to info@africamediaaustralia.com.au


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