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Community consultation : Robin Scott meets with African youth

by  Africa Media Australia

The Victorian Minister for Multicultural Affairs continue to consult the community on the draft Action Plan to help create more social and economic opportunities for Victorians of African heritage.

Mr Scott organised a special consultation session on Tuesday 12  December 2016 at Parliament house to enable his department to  obtain direct feedback and hear from the youth, rather than simply rely on submissions and reports from community leaders or other bureaucratic entities.


Robin Scott meeting with African youth at the parliament house in Melbourne. 


In an interview with  AMA’s Clyde Sharady on the same day, Mr Scott says that the Victorian government is very much determined to take action and enable African communities to fully participate in the development of Victoria and Australia at large. He added that he was very interested working with the community to identify issue and work out the best avenues for community-driven solutions. 

During the consultation session, the Minister reportedly announced a $200,000 package funding package for finance various youth related projects. 



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