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Can you avoid the extra cost of paper billing ?

by  Africa Media Australia

Consumer Affairs Victoria is encouraging consumers who need paper bills to contact their service providers and ask whether a fee exemption is applicable in their circumstances.

Some businesses charge fees for paper bills, to cover the cost of printing and mailing your bill to you. However, there are ways to avoid such fees.

Many companies, including some banks, energy providers and telecommunications companies provide exemptions from paper bills for senior citizens or customers who a registered for a concession, receive income support or have no access to the internet. 

Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria Simon Cohen stated “it is important consumers were aware of exemptions they may be entitled to. Many service providers offer fee exemptions to people who receive paper bills because they do not have an alternative, if you want or need a paper bill, contact your service provider and find out what their exemptionprocess is.”

Any consumer who is eligible for an exemption, but is having trouble getting their exemption application processed is encouraged to contact Consumer Affairs.  Anyone who is receiving and being charged for a paper bill that they don’t want to or need can contact the company that posts the bill to ask if they can send bills via email or the company’s app. Electronic or digital billing often costs consumers less than paper billing, or is at no cost.

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