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Breaking News from “New Change”

by  Africa Media Australia

The New Change Young African Women’s Group is showcasing ‘Breaking News’, a short film on media misrepresentations of the South Sudanese community in Australia. The film is part spoken word, part music video and it will be launched in Melbourne on Thursday  17th November 2016  in Sunshine.  



New Change crew in Melbourne (Photo: New Change)

New Change is an initiative driven by young South Sudanese women in  Melbourne’s western suburbs, who aim to empower, motivate and educate young women to achieve self-confidence and embrace their individuality.

The group has been working hard to tackle topics of importance to the African community, including sexual health and respectful relationships, through program support and local events. Throughout 2016 New Change undertook several activities to help raise public awareness about  the stories of the South Sudanese community in Melbourne.

These young women are committed to help combat the overly negative media representations of African communities in the mainstream media, which continue to create havoc in the community, leaving many individuals, especially South Sudanese youth, struggling with their cultural identity, feeling misunderstood and judged.

New Change members focus on developing their advocacy work through creative arts, which they believe can have a powerful influence on the society and bring about desired social change.  

Registration is required for attendance. Seats are limited and bookings can be done through the following links https://www.facebook.com/breakingnewsfilm/. Address for the venue is 80B Harverster Road, Sunshine at 5PM


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