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AMA’s Afroshine Australia Awards highlight positive achievements in the community

by  Africa Media Australia

AFROSHINE AUSTRALIA AWARDS 2016 took place on 29th October 2016 to honour the outstanding achievements of African Australians and their friends and supporters in a special ceremony held at Rydges on Swanston, Carlton, Melbourne. Afroshine Australia Awards is an award program run by Africa Media Australia. The annual awards is in its 4th year and has combine two awards previously known as Victorian African Community Awards (VACA) and the National African Australian Person of the Year, both run by AMA.

Afroshine Australia awards acknowledge and celebrate individuals and organisations who have made valuable contributions to the communities throughout the country in different fields including leadership, advocacy, media, arts, business etc. Victorian’s Minister for Multicultural affairs and the speaker of Victorian legislative Assembly Mr Telmo Languiller attended the ceremony and joined many other community leader to hand in the awards to the winners.

AMA’s CEO, Clyde Salumu Sharady said “the annual awards is a great opportunity for the African community to showcase excellence and great achievements both from a community perspective as well as from a personal level”.

“The award winners and the rest of the people that were commended on the night do a great deal of work to make a difference in the community and it is important this work is recognised and honoured accordingly, “Said Mr Sharady.

AMA received over 80 nominations across 14 Categories for the 2016 awards. A total of 18 award and 12 commendation certificates were presented during the awards gala dinner in Carlton. Over 100 people attended the night from 27 different backgrounds.   

Dr Sham Mostapha from Egypt received a special award for outstanding services to the community, recognising her long-term commitment to helping people and advocating for the community in the field of healthcare.


Award Category Nominee Panel Assessment
Award outstanding Services to the community Dr Seham Mostafa Winner
Award for Community Leadership Kot Monoah Co-Winner
Awards for Community Leadership Kenyatta J. Dei Wal Co-Winner
Award for Youth Leadership Ibrahim Kebe Winner
Award for Women Leadership AWHAG Winner
Award for Outstanding Community Event 2016 Sound of Heaven CD Launch (Billie Olela). Winner
Award for Excellence in Arts & individual talents Michael Adonai Winner
Award for Business (Rising Afro-Australian Entrepreneurs) Prosper Taruvinga Co-Winner
Award for Business (Rising Afro-Australian Entrepreneurs) Moses Lueth Co-Winner
Award for Business ((Rising Afro-Australian Entrepreneurs) Tabang Ongee Co-Winner
Awards for Excellence in School/Academic Achievement Nancy Logwa Winner
Awards for Unsung Heroes Khadiga Faid Co-Winner
Awards for Unsung Heroes Larson Mutebu Co-Winner
Awards for Community advocacy Colleen Chifamba Winner
Awards for Community Media Abdulrahim Elim Winner
Awards for Professional Excellence (Healthcare) Bahar Yusouf Winer
Awards for Friends of Africans (Media work) Luke Waters Winner
Awards for friends of AFricand (Leadership) John Bellavance Winner
Commendation (Youth Leadership) Ahmed Isse Highly commended
Commendation (Arts/spoken Word) Wani Le Frere Highly commended
Commendation (Arts/ Music) Munir Kamil Highly commended
Commendation (Arts/Music) Age McSoul Highly commended
Commendation (Arts/Fashion ) Rhoda Mphande Highly commended
Commendation (community Leadership) Mouktar Robleh Highly commended
Commendation (Legal) Raviro Nzenza Highly commended
Commendation (Community service) Deng Tor Deng Highly commended
Commendation (Professional excellence-Banking) Natalie Kapuya Highly commended
Commendation (Friends of Africans: Arts) Cathy Scott Highly commended
Commendation (Outstanding community project) Joseph Lamptey Highly commended
Commendation (Best project with a focus on Africans) Richard Kitula Highly commended


Some photos of the awards













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