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AMA to launch the inaugural African-Australian

by  Africa Media Australia

Africa Media Australia (AMA) and Wyndham African Australian Communities Network (WACN) are organising the inaugural  African-Australian Family Well-being Summit (Western Suburbs).


“The summit is a great opportunity to share insights, knowledge and experiences on how to prevent and address issues affecting the well-being of African-Australian families. It is also about building a knowledge bank to help create stronger and healthier  African couples as well as better relationships between parents and their teenagers ” stated Clyde S. Sharady, CEO of Africa Media Australia

Earlier this week, Victoria Police arrested 57 young offenders and the majority of them are of African-descent. These arrests have highlighted the need for more community-led initiatives to help African-Australians parents be better equip to assist their children and steer them to lead normal life, study, work and be responsible citizens in the community.

There are also increasingly more anecdotal reports indicating that more African-couples separating and more children living in single parent family settings. Such families face multiple challenges including the  integration issues, economic challenges and  difficulty controlling young children growing up in a bi-cultural environments. A significant number of young Africans who are in contact with the justice system actually come from single parent settings.


“The summit is a forum of the community, by the community and for the community. The main theme for the discussion is to discuss the “the intersection of culture, faith and society in relation to family well-being”, stated Clyde Sharady.

The forum is scheduled to take place on  9 November 2019 in Tarneit and more than 70 participants from Wyndham and other surrounding areas (Melbourne’s western suburbs) are expected to attend the summit, which is organised in collaboration with local faith groups interested in helping families.

Registration for the forum is free and can be done through eventbrite : https://bit.ly/2qIrXDL.


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