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New multicultural support for people experiencing gambling harm

by  Africa Media Australia
A new multicultural service provided by Settlement Services International (SSI) and funded by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation will support individuals, families and communities experiencing gambling harm.
Multicultural Gambling Harm Prevention Services (MGHPS) aims to provide confidential, in-language counselling support that is informed by culture. MGHPS is available to all, but designed especially for migrants and their communities, family, and friends. It is a tailored gambling harm support, which will help to fill a critical gap for CALD communities.
Counselling services for gambling harm prevention at Settlement Services International.

Multicultural Gambling Harm Prevention Services

It is expected that specific counselling support will be designed for individuals from Middle Eastern, Iranian, Afghani, Burmese, Indian, Sudanese, and Pasifika backgrounds.
The services are part of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation’s ongoing commitment to provide treatment and support to people affected by gambling harm.
“Through both face-to-face and online services, we aim to provide a safe environment for migrant, refugee, and multicultural community members to overcome the challenges associated with gambling and recover from the related harm,” said Jaynelle Samuels, Therapeutic Counsellor for MGHPS.
Ms Samuels also says that “MGHPS considers the whole person, while aiming to address harmful gambling behaviours. The service uses culturally informed planning to meet clients’ full needs. Culturally informed planning involves the encouragement of a person’s connection to culture, religion, language and community”. 
Multicultural programs such as MGHPS are of particular importance as migrant communities, much like any other Australian community, are at risk of the harms associated with gambling. The effects of gambling within migrant communities are compounded by unique stressors such as language barriers, isolation from family or community, and stigma.
This counselling service is for people who are struggling to manage their finances, feel they spend too much time or money on gambling or know someone who is gambling and are affected/hurt financially or personally. Also people who borrow money to gamble, feel guilty or stressed about gambling and have financial or family problems because of gambling will be assisted. 
Further information on this program is available online  and can also be provided over the phone by calling the hotline number 1800 329 192. The services provide include counselling, referral support, online, mobile and in-person group and family therapy and other relevant supports 
Josh Dume 

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