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Extraordinary beauty and wealth coming out of African soil

by  Africa Media Australia

FIRESTONE Diamonds, a mining company registered in London FDI has found one of its biggest fancy-yellow diamond in Southern Africa . A 54-carat intense-fancy -yellow rough diamond was recently dug up in Liqhobong mine in Lesotho.

The sawable diamond is the largest of its color that has ever been unearthed to date, worldwide and it is expected to go on sale in September 2019.

The 54-carat yellow diamond unearthed in Lesotho (Photo: Linked In)


“Sawable” stones can be cut in half in order to create two smaller diamonds. In contrast, “makeable” ones are those whose shape allows to cut only one large diamond from it.

Firestone’s special-stone discoveries this year include a 70-carat white diamond, a 72- carat yellow diamond (of a lesser quality), amongst others.


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“The Liqhobong mine has become known for its fancy yellow stones, but this one is the largest we’ve recovered so far and is therefore quite special,” chief executive Paul Bosma said in the statement.

Firestone Diamons spent $185 million building Liqhobong mine, which started production in late 2016. The mine has over 11 million carats in reserve.

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